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How To Access Deep Web Or Dark Net 

Searching The Deep Web Or Dark Net(Also Known As The "Deep Net" or "Hidden Web" Or "Hidden-Wiki) Provides Access To Sites Which Is Not Indexed By Normal Search Engine. These Searches Often Yield Links You Would Never Find Through A Source Such As Google, As Google Does Not Index Database Entries.
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Uses Of Dark Net Or Deep Web 

Dark Net Generally Used For Different Reason , Such As :

1.Sale Of Restricted Goods On Dark Net Markets
2.Whistle Blowing And News Leaks
3.Computer Crime (Hacking, File Corruption Etc)
4.To Better Protect The Privacy Rights Of Citizens From Targeted And Mass Surveillance
5.File Sharing (Pornography, Confidential Files, Illegal Or Counterfeit Software Etc.)
6.Protecting Dissidents From Political Reprisal; See Arab Spring

Risk Of Using Dark Net Or Deep Web

Darknet Is Dangerous If You Dont Know Everything About It. Always Think Twice Before Clicking Any Returned Search Links. Because No Ruling Authority Regulates The Deep Web, Users Enjoy Complete Anonymity And May Partake In Illegal Activities Such As Trading Copyrighted Materials, Selling Narcotics, Circulating Child Pornography And Negotiating For Other Criminal Acts. Exploring A Search Engine's Results May Lead You Into The Internet's Darkest Corners, Leaving You Vulnerable To Nefarious Characters And Sites Designed To Spread Malware Get Into Your Computer .


How To Access Deep Web

You cant Just Access Deep Web With Normal Browser Like Firefox,Chrome,Safari Etc . You Need A Browser Which Provide You A Platform to Surf Anonymously.
As I Already Discussed About That TOR Provide You A Platform Where You Surf Anonymously.Tor  Is An Anonymity Network Which Allow You To Surf Anonymously That Also Features A Darknet - Its "Hidden Services". It Is The Most Popular Instance Of A Darknet. I2P*  Is Another Overlay Network That Features A Dark Net Whose Sites Are Called "Eepsites".

Free Net Is A Popular Dark Net (Friend-To-Friend) By Default; Since Version 0.7 It Can Run As A "Open Net" 
GNUnet Is A Dark Net If The "F2F (Network) Topology" Option Is Enabled.
Zero Net Is Open Source Software Aimed To Build An Internet-Like Computer Network Of Peer-To-Peer Users Of TOR**.
One Swarm Can Be Run As A Dark Net For Friend-To-Friend File-Sharing.
Tribler Can Be Run As A Dark Net For File-Sharing.

I2P=(Invisible Internet Project)
TOR=(The onion router)
OPENNET=(peer nodes are discovered automatically).

How Deep Web Is Different From Surface Web

Surface Web Where You Get Everything Which Is Legal As Per Our Govt. Rules And Regulation but The Deep Web (Dark Net) Where You Get All Illegal Things And Such Things Not Indexed In Normal Search Engine Like Yahoo And Bing Because To Access The Dark Net You Need To Have Tor Bundle Browser The Deep Web Screenshots

Disadvantages Of Accessing Deep Web (DarkNet)

Since There's So Many Thing To Analyze, Deep Web Search Engines Work Slower Than Normal Search Engine. Searching The Deep Web Also Requires A More Precise Search String. Deep Web Searches Should Be Reserved For Serious, Painstaking Research, Not For Simple Questions And Basic Web Surfing. Deep Web Searches May Also Return Sensitive Personal Information From Normally Restricted Databases, Creating Ethical Dilemmas And Leaving Individuals Susceptible To Fraud And Identity Theft. The Deep Web Stories

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