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Deep Web Facts

Here Am Sharing Some Deep Web Facts . If You Can Check My Website Everyday I Will Post Here Everything About Deep Web E.g How To Use Deep Web ?? What Is Deep Web ?? What is Tor ?? And Much more About Deep Web. I Already Posted Deep Web Links And Now This is Facts About Deep Web. So If You Are Curious About Deep Web And Things Happen In Deep Web You Can Check My Website On Daily Basis For Update About Deep Web . If You Like This Article You Can Leave A Comment And Share With Your Friends.

Deep Web Is That Part Of Web Which is Beyond Google And Other Search Engine.Here Am Posting Some Deep Web Facts That You must Know About the Deep Web.

Deep Web Is Been From A long Time But As You Know If You Want to Access Deep Web Websites Then You must Have Tor And If You Want to buy Anything From Deep Web Then You Also need Bitcoin .

Deep Web In 2001 :


Even the best search engines can access only about 16% of the available information on the World Wide Web. Therefore 84% of the information is excluded. That 84% has become known as the Deep Web.

Put another way, the size of the Invisible Web is 500 times larger than the Surface Web.

The Invisible Web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents as compared with the Surface Web’s 1 billion.

The Invisible Web is the largest growing category of new information on the Web.

95% of the Invisible Web is publicly accessible information.

More than half of the Invisible Web resides in topic specific databases.

Some More Facts About Deep Web 

These Facts Collected From All Over The Internet And Sometime I Also Access the Deep Web So I Collect These Facts From The Visible And Invisible Net Both.

Surface Web: 167 terabytes
Deep Web: 91,850 terabytes

If You See The Size Of Surface Web And Deep Web There Id Huge Difference In The Size Of Visible Net And Invisible Net.

“Trillions + pages of information” that current search engines cannot find.

Yes It Is True .There Are Many Pages Which Is Not Able To Search By the Current Search Engine In Deep Web.

People can purchase fake identification too. An American passports would set you back 700 Euros, or 973.91 USD.
Anonymous sellers advertise their goods on topic-specific forums. Like copied credit cards on a credit card fraud board.

Yes Its True People Can Purchase fake Pasport And Other Illegal Things On The Deep Web Like Fake passport,Fake ID,Weapons Etc.And All Seller On the Deep Web Are Anonymous.

11+ billion static pages are hidden from the public as well as 450+ billion database-driven are completely invisible to Google

Google Is Not Able To Index The Deep Web Pages So Thats The Reason Why These Huge No. Of Pages Are Hidden From the Google And Other Search Engine In Deep Web.

“In fact, typical search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing actually access only a tiny fraction – estimated at 0.03% – of the internet.

Yes, Its true . Because Deep Web Allow You To Sell Anything Which is Legal Or Illegal While Google Dont.

So These Are Some Facts About the Deep Web. Hope You Like It. See You Soon With Much More About Deep Web And Its Information.If You Like this Article Share With your Friends.

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These Are Deep Web Facts .There Are Many People Who Are Curious About And Deep Web And Want To Know About Deep Web And Its Websites.You Can Find Out Everything About Popular Market And Many things On Deep Web.You Can Find Out The Updated Link On This Website But Again I Want You To Make Sure That You Are Using TOR Browser. If You Like This Share It With Your Friends And People Who Are Interested In Deep Web.

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